Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New DJI props arrived - noticeable quality improvement.

After the inverted faceplant into the driveway gravel that my drone made a couple of days ago,  I needed to replace my stock UPair props, I found these DJI props on Amazon.  

When they arrived they were all 13.0 grams +/- .05 grams,  the variance in weight between the props was minimal and the quality difference appeared noticeable to me. 

All four were in balance though I did add a 1cm square of cellophane tape to one blade but this is considerably less than the stock UPair blades that came with the quad.

I had over 80 successful flights on the last set of stock props and they would have lasted longer had not I rearranged my driveway with them.  Hopefully I'll get as much life out of these DJI props. I ordered another set of these sames props today.  It looks like a great buy at $13 for four of these.

Update: June 18th - I think that the noticeable improvement in quality of these props is what convinced me, without actually seeing one, that the DJI Phantom series was a quality build.  Now, actually owning one, I'm very glad to have purchased one.  The Phantom 3 Professional is an incredible machine!

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