UPair One camera pitch response mod

Lot's of people note that the UPair one camera pitch is too jerky.  (The little knob you move with your right hand to point the camera up or down).  I've seen people that want to try this in the PX4 flight controller but here's another way.  Analog.  What a concept!

The pitch is controlled by a 1k in the flight controller

So, all I'm trying to do is make these voltage changes happen smoothly.  A simple method to slow down the voltage changes transmitted to the drone can use a capacitor and resistor combination that will allow the capacitor to charge and discharge slowly over time.  There are may combinations of components that would work here and if you find a better one, please let me know.  I liked the speed of my first guess and I put the controller back together using these values. 

As you can see in the video after the mod is installed, pitch movements on the UPair's 2.7k camera are MUCH smoother!  There is one point in the gimbal that there is a slight hesitation and I believe that is in the gimbal itself as I'm fairly sure that the analog voltage change in the controller due to the capacitor is not causing it.  I suspect that this 2D gimbal is a pretty inexpensive component anyway.

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