UpAir One V2 Antenna & Wiring Placement

Here are images of my UpAir One V2 before taking it apart for the first time.  This will show you the various antenna placements along with connector placements before removal.

The Left Landing Gear.  Left-USB Connector, Center - 5.8Ghz FPV antenna, Right - 2.4 Ghz controller antenna

Gimbal Wiring.  Top Right - Video Feed, Top Left - Camera Power, Lower Center - Gimbal Power

PX4 Board, GPS Module with GPS Antenna connector

Optional USB Connector PX4-V2 Board

Transmit/Receive Module

PX4 PCM Board, GPS Board on top

PX4 V1.2 Board

PX4 Board installed.

Gimbal Connectors Removed


  1. Would you happen to know what the 3 wires are for on the video feed cable from the gimbal. I have red blue and black which I assumed were red for power, black is ground and blue is video. However after connecting these to a 200mw tx I'm getting nothing ��

  2. You are correct on the color assignments. I would double check your VTX and meter the power to make sure it's actually working.