Sunday, May 28, 2017

49th Flight - Toilet bowl looks better?

Windy, about 15-20mph winds from the north.  Used the old TV degausser that I built 40 years ago on the drone.  Covered each motor and each leg and then pulled the degausser away as I would when degaussing a TV screen.  This flight had NO toilet bowl effect even in the wind!  Could this be the issue that I’ve been seeing for the past several flights? I'll need to test this some more but it looks promising.

Update: After thinking about this a bit, it would be much better to degauss my screwdrivers/tools before using them around the screws of the compass. Also, you can use transformer or even a soldering gun to degauss tools. Just start and stop the magnetic field a large distance from the item to be degaussed (1-2 meters), bring it close to the tool then move it away from the tool before shutting it off. You don't want to collapse the alternating magnetic field near the tool otherwise you'll magnetize it!

Update: After hundreds of flights without the 2.7k camera or gimbal attached to my UPair One, I have experienced absolutely zero "Toilet Bowl" events with my UPair One. Now I'm thinking that the problem I was seeing was being cause by taking off from my driveway with rebar embedded in the concrete. The only problem that I had on takeoff was caused by setting the UPair on the trunk of our Toyota Corolla. The metal certainly made this UPair act uncontrollable!

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