Balancing Propellers on my UPair One

I searched around for information about how to balance my propellers on my UPair One.  D4L ( had some good information so I started there.  (Thanks Olaf).

I ended up using a couple of 22 caliber gun cleaning rods from my shop to create a good balancing device to check my props.  I wanted to share with you my measuring system to make sure that I was doing a good job.

My background is process engineering so I always want to benchmark my current situation to see if I make it better.  I've done a lot of work with lasers and I thought about how to measure the vibration created by my current propellers to see if what I did had a positive effect.
Vibration measurement before & after prop balancing  (40' between laser and target)

  I strapped a standard laser pointer to my UPair One and pointed it at the wall of my shop about 40 feet away.  The large distance would have the effect of magnifying the movement of the laser.

Before Balancing the Props

After Balancing the Props

Both tests were run with the props running at idle.  I was inside a building so I had no satellites and apparently the UPair won't let you throttle up with no satellites.  Still, the improvement was measurable.

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