Sunday, May 28, 2017

48th Flight - 3 hrs 30 minutes total Flight time on the UPair.

I have a bit over 500 hours logged as pilot in command in aircraft and 3.5 hours now flying my drone.

My 48th flight of the UPair began at Sunrise to the east of the house.  It was very calm and I distanced about 2km around the aqueduct and back home.  Some constant roll in artificial horizon with the joystick pointing straight up.  In a no wind situation I would expect that to be level.  I’ll need to research this. However, the quad didn’t power down on landing causing it to keep moving after touchdown and me to reach for it to shut it down. When I captured the landing gear, it corrected by pitching towards me and I caught the right-rear blade on my forearm causing two minor cuts.  Note to self: If this ever happens again I will raise the quad to about 2m and catch it in the air.  This is the second time that it didn’t power down on full throttle to zero position.  It seems like it hasn’t sensed that it’s landed so it won’t shut off.

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