Monday, June 12, 2017

UPair One PX4 Flight Controller Board.

The UPair One V1.2 PX4 Flight Controller and GPS boards are what make the UPair drone fly.

UPair One - Main Board with ESC controllers

As you can see, there are 6 mosfets driving each motor in each quadrant.  I'm not sure what the four chips are towards the center of the board, but I believe that they are the controller IC's for each motor.   The red/black leads on the top and bottom of the board are 5vdc power for the navigation LED's.

The GPS controller board is where I believe my problem with the "NO MAV DATA" is originating but until I hear back from Banggood, I'm not sure.

UPDATE:  After several weeks and a hundred more flights, the motors again wouldn't arm.  Not seeing anything physical on the boards, I let the quad sit on the shelf for a couple of months while focusing on my Phantom 3 Pro, but out of curiosity and an electronics background, I decided to try the heat gun fix to the GPS board.  I heated the large IC in the center of the board to about 400° and also the SD card mount (that was super glued by Bangood).  Lo and Behold, it worked!.  There is either a flakey IC, solder connection or SD card involved here that the heat restores the connection.  It's still working so far! (December 2017)

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  1. Did you ever figure it out, The No Mav Data?

  2. G10 simply sent it back and it was working again. When I took it apart, both boards were original but the SD card had been superglued in rather that the original silicon. I presume they updated or replaced the SD card, but no, I still don't know what they did. It's been a few months and it's happened again, the motors won't arm, but I will let you know if I figure it out. - Jack